Progress towards my 2021 Running Target

2.4 %

14.5 / 600 KM     |     9 / 372.8 miles

Last 5 Runs

Lunch Run
Sun Feb 21st at 12:22 8.01km | 39:13
Welcome 2021
Tue Jan 05th at 16:39 6.45km | 31:29
Clutton Hill with a ford
Tue Dec 29th at 12:08 8.17km | 39:09
🎅 Christmas Eve Run with Lou 🎅
Thu Dec 24th at 11:50 10.17km | 53:17
The Vengaboys Loop
Thu Dec 17th at 11:28 8.06km | 40:24

Last 5 Activities

Lunch Run
Sun Feb 21st at 12:22 8.01km | 39:13
Indoor Cycling
Thu Feb 18th at 18:03 157 bpm | 36:50
Les Mills BA
Sun Feb 14th at 12:51 160 bpm | 32:06
Les Mills THE TRIP
Sat Feb 06th at 13:01 161 bpm | 39:46
Les Mills THE TRIP
Sun Jan 24th at 17:13 156 bpm | 38:59


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Full stack Developer

Full stack Developer

A language agnostic developer with over 10 years experience. Technologies include PHP, Node, React & Python. Lots of experience designing database schemas and optimizing slow performing queries. Extensive experience in architecture across the stack to solve a vast array of problems.

Scrum Master

Scrum Master

A certified scrum master with over 7 years experience. I love to be around people. I thrive to motivate and encourage team members so we can achieve the very best. To quote Vince Lombardi "Individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work." I believe that diverse and diverse thinking teams create the best software.



I am currently a formal coach. I really enjoy asking questions to help people find their own answers and unlock their potential. Vince Lombardi once said "It's not whether you get knocked down, It's whether you get back up". Coaching has the power to get you back up.


I love my sport. There's a lot of metaphors we can draw from sport to use in every day life. That's why the teams I support get a special mention!

Green Bay Packers

Boston Red Sox

Boston Bruins

Brooklyn Nets

Bath Rugby

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