Published 25/02/2021 at 09:42pm

Sean Connery Themed Retro

After the sad news of Sean Connery's passing I thought it was time to share a retrospective I carried out a few months ago in memory of the incredible chap.

The Retro

The retro is along the same theme as one of the most common; start, stop, keep. By whatever medium you like, create 4 sections or areas with the headings below. All are quotes taken from Sean Connery Bond films. Feel free to use the headings with or without the words in brackets, it depends on how much you want to leave to interpretation.

  • I must be dreaming (START)

  • You expect me to talk, No Mr. Bond I expect you to die (STOP)

  • Bond. James Bond. (KEEP)

  • Just a drink. A martini, shaken not stirred (CHANGE)

Sir Connery, rest in peace.

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